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Nokia also did wearable or using the Android platform

Nokia also did wearable, or using the Android platform

Nokia's recent news, frequently, on sale Here after the map, launched a virtual reality camera OZo, Nokia also wearable items out of the water. Look behind the Nokia mobile phones businesses regained youth! VR Shinecon virtual reality glasses

At the end of last month, Nokia's current CEO Rajeev Suri said the company will enter the "digital health" areas, but what will Nokia do remains unclear. Now, people familiar with the matter said Nokia is an active layout wearable device market.

Nokia also did wearable, or using the Android platform

News from foreign media Nokiapoweruser said: VR Shinecon glasses

Upcoming wearable devices will run on the Android system. Nokia may introduce some based on your own custom Linux cloud wearable device.

"New products (New Devices Product)" team was currently dealing with health and health-related development of a wearable device.

These wearable will be equipped with a range of high-precision sensors, to collect and analyse data, and through Android's sensor API to send the report.

In addition to the sources leaked the news, Nokia's new patent applications also support the rumors of Nokia are developing wearable device (picture is presented in Nokia Patent design sample in the file). Which has a items is main health of wrist with, from patent Shang see, this paragraph wrist with function and other of wrist with almost--can collection user of physiological data or meter step; its unique of at is this paragraph wrist with can contraction, and can always and using of skin keep appropriate of contact, to can in brings better of user experience of while makes collection to of data more precise.

The patent files to be written to:

In order to collect data on blood pressure or heart rate, skin moisture, the sensor must have appropriate contact and use their skin. When the sensor does not collect data, there is no need to maintain contact. If the wristband is not tightly worn around the wrist, the user experience will be better. Wrist belt tightening in the need to collect data, collect the data automatically after release, it will result in a better experience.

In addition, Nokia's patent has a smart watch-like device, major description in the patent or in the appearance of design, not repeat them here.

Nokia also did wearable, or using the Android platform

Nokia also apply for such suspension interactions and notifications display and wearable devices-related patents, but also hard to find.

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